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Calling all Herd Members. Wagyu Prime Rib is back. (12.10.21 Newsletter)

12.10.21 To The Herd Newsletter

Calling all Herd Members. Your Advance Notice.

Wagyu Prime Rib is back. Get yours before it sells out. 

Wagyu Prime Rib 
Nothing beats Prime Rib for Christmas.  Except for WAGYU PRIME RIB!
Order your Wagyu Prime Rib Roast now .

Impress your family & guests with the best Prime Rib they've ever tasted.
MHC's Wagyu Prime Rib. It's so mouthwateringly delicious.

This year, give your family a gift they'll remember and something they will want again & again: WAGYU BEEF. Make Wagyu the center of your holiday celebration. Let the savory aroma of a Wagyu holiday roast fill the air and give your family a gift they'll ask for every year. Or maybe every night.  "More Wagyu Please"

Wagyu Prime Rib for Christmas Dinner
Make your dinner a celebration to look forward to this holiday season. For Hanukkah or Christmas dinner, stick with delicious classics like Prime Rib, Beef Wellington, or a savory Brisket. You can also serve a tasty Wagyu Chuck Eye Roast or any of the Wagyu Bone-in roasts. Any one of them your family will love. 

Wagyu Chuck Eye Roasts give Prime a run for it's money.
Wagyu Chuck Eye Roasts are a less expensive option for when Prime Rib sells out. When cooked properly, Wagyu Chuck Eye can give Prime Rib a run for its money.  RECIPE COMING NEXT WEEK. 

Using Wagyu Beef is the difference.
 From genetics to the way Wagyu is raised. It all plays a part in making Wagyu the best tasting beef in the world. Have you ever tasted a Chuck roast that gave a Prime Rib a run for its money. We have. Our Wagyu Roasts are all melt in your mouthdelicious. Taste for yourself. Order Yours Now.

Wagyu Chuck Eye Roast

Wagyu Beef Bacon. Wow
Bacon  is back. Wagyu Beef Bacon. It's Beyond Good!

---------- What you missed if you are not a Herd member yet ----------
You missed The Herd Only advanced notice to MHC's Wagyu Prime Rib being back in stock. It sells out quick every time. This time was no different. Prime Rib sold out a little over an hour after the Herd was notified. So did our Wagyu Jerky and a few other items. Lots of other Wagyu goodness still available in the store.  

Join the Herd today. Being a member of the Herd gets you exclusive early access to our Wagyu inventory before it's gone.  Plus The Herd Members get early access to special inventory and special sales. It's Free. Sign up today. 

We appreciate you being a part of our Wagyu family.