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About Mason Hill Cattle

Mason Hill Cattle ( MHC ) is naturally produced Wagyu Beef. No growth hormones or steroids. Humanely raised on Oregon pastures along with a well-balanced nutrient rich diet that yields top tier, beyond prime grade beef. Our family business is proud to offer homegrown beef delivered to your door.

With just one taste you will experience the buttery rich flavor of our top tier beef. Offering a variety of steaks, roasts & ground meat will allow you to choose the best experience to share with your family. One thing is for sure, the complex yet smooth flavors of Mason Hill Beef will create memories with the entire family, lasting a lifetime.

Our passion for beef is your gateway to the best part of your meal, MHC Wagyu Beef.


Variety of cuts

We hope you will find your favorite selection to take your cooking experiences to the next level.

We will deliver your MHC Wagyu Beef right to your doorstep.