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Easter Roasts on Super Sale!

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Planning Easter Dinner?
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Wagyu Roasts On Sale!

While supplies last. Wagyu Roasts are on super sale. Get them now before they are gone.  What better way to celebrate with family and friends than a delicious Wagyu for Easter dinner. 

Wagyu Prime rib sells out  quickly but every Wagyu Roast is so mouthwateringly delicious. From Wagyu Chuckeye Roasts to Wagyu Ossi Buco, to a full Wagyu Brisket. They all give Prime a run for it's money. 
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Prime Rib Style Chuck Eye Roast
Giving Prime Rib a run for it's money
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Wagyu cooked the right way can make any roast taste like prime rib. The key is starting with a real 100% full-blood Wagyu roast. Better Marble, a different kind of fat that makes any Wagyu just taste better. Check out our Prime Rib Style Chuckeye Roast recipe. So delicious! and Chuckeye is on Super Sale right now! Try it today.
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The Tom & Jerry Steaks.
A crowd pleaser!

This is a fantastic, large steak for a family or small group. Easily grilled with a little salt and pepper, or beautifully braised. For a fun twist, break it down into multiple steaks with the bonus Bone Marrow included! The TJ Steak is processed from the round primal; this is a leaner cut of beef, but still comes with some wonderful Wagyu marbling. On sale now! Check it out.
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From our Farm to your Door.

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Wagyu Legendary Quality comes from the sacred Japanese Lineage (pedigree) and how they are cared for.  Many stores sell beef that says Wagyu on the packaging but it is not always 100% Wagyu. From only having a small percentage of Wagyu in their cattle's Bloodline to living their whole lives in a factory farm? This is not the Wagyu Way! 

At Mason Hill Cattle we do things differently. From our Farm to your Door. No factory operation here.

Mason Hill Cattle's Top-Tier Wagyu Quality and Marbling come from our demand to start with 100% Full-Blood Wagyu. Plus, we give our Wagyu the stress-free life they deserve. Mason Hill Cattle's Full-Blood Wagyu are cared for in the Wagyu Way. "Wagyu is to be Treated like Royalty" in a Stress-Free environment, with the Right Feeds, no steroids, no growth hormones. All of this goes into Mason Hill Cattle raising and providing the best Wagyu in America. 
So many delicious Wagyu options to choose from.

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