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Happy Easter from Mason Hill Cattle

Raised with Love in the beautiful
Pacific Northwest.

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Wagyu Jason & Todd Hoffman
from Gold Rush on Discovery Channel

Check out Masonhill Cattle's youtube channel.  Lots of cool videos with recipes, information about Wagyu, behind the scenes on the farm, and more.  The picture is from when Wagyu Jason appeared on Todd Hoffman's Sho TODD'S KITCHEN. You might remember Todd from Alaska Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel. Check out Todd's new show Hoffman Family Gold. Every Friday @ 10 pm on Discovery.  
@MasonHillCattle Youtube Channel

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While supplies last. Wagyu Roasts are on super sale. Get them now before they are gone. What better way to celebrate with family and friends. Delicious Wagyu for dinner. Every Roast from Wagyu is so mouthwateringly delicious. From Wagyu Chuckeye Roasts to Wagyu Ossi Buco, to a full Wagyu BrisketAll On Sale Now

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 Wagyu Roast Recipes

There’s a lot of hard work and moving parts behind the scenes of Mason Hill Cattle. Our local customers especially have come to know this family-run business out in the forested hills in Oregon. Bringing you the best Wagyu beef around is a labor of love. Plus, look how gorgeous the job site is! We’d consider this a work perk. 

This Saturday is a farmer's market day in Beaverton! Come say hello at the @beavertonmarket and see what sounds good for dinner.

Prime Rib Style Chuck Eye Roast
Giving Prime Rib a run for it's money
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Wagyu cooked the right way can make any roast taste like prime rib. The key is starting with a real 100% full-blood Wagyu roast. Better Marble, a different kind of fat that makes any Wagyu just taste better. Check out our Prime Rib Style Chuckeye Roast recipe. So delicious! and Chuckeye is on Super Sale right now! Try it today.
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