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On Sale Now! Wagyu Beef Ribs, Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, Wagyu Chuck Eye Roasts, + more Delicious Wagyu Goodness! All On Sale Now! (NEWSLETTER SENT 3.03.2022

On Sale Now!
Wagyu Beef Ribs,
Wagyu Ribeye Steaks,
Wagyu Chuck Eye Roasts,

+ more Delicious Wagyu Goodness!
 All On Sale Now!

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It’s coming up on grill season finally!! What’s the first thing you got planned to feed that crowd? We have a suggestion. And it’s currently on sale!
The Wagyu Beef Picanha (pronounced ‘pee-kahn-yah’), also known as the Coulotte or Coulotte Steak, is a rare cut known for its incredibly soft texture and amazing flavor. Typically found in high-end Brazilian steakhouses and roasted over an open flame, this unbelievable cut of beef will be the highlight of any meal. Absolutely delicious flavor and generous portions will take your next cookout to the next level—get ready!
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Here’s your Wagyu of the Week: 
@masonhillcattle Wagyu Flank Steak Mongolian Beef.  Trying to spice up your dinner menu planning? You can find this Mongolian Beef recipe on our website as well as many other delicious creations! New recipes are added all the time from our amazing team of cooks who consistently take this American Wagyu Beef to the next level. Find this recipe in the direct link in our stories today. 

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Wagyu Legendary Quality comes from the sacred Japanese Lineage (pedigree) and how they are cared for.  Many stores sell beef that says Wagyu on the packaging but it is not always 100% Wagyu. From only having a small percentage of Wagyu in their cattle's Bloodline to living their whole lives in a factory farm? This is not the Wagyu Way! 

At Mason Hill Cattle we do things differently. From our Farm to your Door. No factory operation here.

Mason Hill Cattle's Top-Tier Wagyu Quality and Marbling come from our demand to start with 100% Full-Blood Wagyu. Plus, we give our Wagyu the stress-free life they deserve. Mason Hill Cattle's Full-Blood Wagyu are cared for in the Wagyu Way. "Wagyu is to be Treated like Royalty" in a Stress-Free environment, with the Right Feeds, no steroids, no growth hormones. All of this goes into Mason Hill Cattle raising and providing the best Wagyu in America. 
So many delicious Wagyu options to choose from.

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The champion of burgers is made with Mason Hill Cattle Wagyu ground beef, Seasoned with Redmond salt and slathered with Slap Yo Daddy BBQ sauce! But it’s also cooked on a flat top with a Finex cast-iron press!

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1 Mason Hill Wagyu Ribeye 🥩
Diamond Crystal Kosher Coarse Salt🧂
Coarse Black Pepper
Sprig of Fresh Rosemary🌿

Sprinkle both sides with a coating of salt and pepper
Place in smoker at 235 for 20 minutes
Heat cast iron or skillet to medium high
Melt butter and place rosemary in pan
Place smoked ribeye into skillet
Check to see if crust has formed
Flip ribeye and allow the crust to form
Remove at Medium Rare Temp
Remove from skillet and allow ribeye to rest 5-10 mins.
Slice and enjoy!

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