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The Sacred Genetics of Tajima Wagyu

The Sacred Genetics of Tajima Wagyu

At MHC, we exclusively raise 100% genetically full-blood Tajima Wagyu. These magnificent animals trace their lineage back to the sacred Tajima bloodline, the same lineage that Kobe beef demands. While Kobe's Tajima Wagyu is raised in the heart of Japan, our Tajima Wagyu is nurtured in the picturesque landscapes of Oregon. Both Kobe and MHC adhere to the Wagyu traditions, with a strong focus on the feed and treatment provided to the animals. This meticulous care is central to ensuring the highest quality Wagyu is produced, making it truly the best on the planet.

Is American Wagyu Real Wagyu?

The term "American Wagyu" might be familiar, but it's essential to understand what it truly represents. By U.S. law, beef can be labeled as American Wagyu with only a small percentage of Wagyu genetics in the bloodlines. However, it can never be called Full-Blood Wagyu, as MHC proudly is. American Wagyu typically contains around 40% Wagyu genetics and is often crossbred with Angus or Jersey cows before being labeled as such.

But there's more to the story. Authentic Wagyu is about more than genetics; it's about honoring tradition. True Wagyu is raised in the animal-centric Wagyu ways, with royal treatment, stress-free environments, and proper feeds. Sadly, many factory farms that produce American Wagyu for large retailers cannot follow these cherished Wagyu traditions. Thousands of crossbred Wagyu are raised in confinement on concrete floors, subjected to bulk feeds with hormones and non-Wagyu nutrition. This stark contrast is why we ask: Is American Wagyu real Wagyu? We believe the answer should be left up to you.

MHC: Real Full-Blood Wagyu in Limited Supply

Real Full-Blood Wagyu Beef is a rare gem, and it's never mass-produced in a factory farm. The Wagyu way and tradition involve raising these remarkable animals slowly, in a calm, stress-free environment, with special care and feeding that gives Wagyu Beef its legendary marbling and taste, known and appreciated all over the world.

@MasonHillCattle, we process only a very small number of Wagyu each month. Our commitment to quality over quantity is unwavering. Our Wagyu is slow-raised on our small Oregon farm, much like a craft beer is brewed with care and attention to detail. We steer clear of factory farm mass-production techniques because we believe in preserving the true essence of Wagyu. A Factory process is NOT REAL WAGYU!

Our 100% Full-Blood Tajima Wagyu are raised with the utmost care, following strict Wagyu traditions and MHC standards. Every ounce of treatment and love that goes into our Full-Blood Wagyu contributes to what we proudly call "The Best Wagyu Beef on the Planet."

Taste the Difference for yourself. Experience the true essence of Wagyu with @MasonHillCattle's exceptional Full-Blood Tajima Wagyu, a rare and limited supply of the finest beef you'll ever savor.