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Wagyu Beef's Legendary Marbling & Quality

Wagyu Legendary Quality comes from the sacred Japanese Lineage (pedigree) and how they are cared for.  Many stores sell beef that says Wagyu on the packaging but it is not always be100% Wagyu. In fact, most stores sell American Wagyu which is only 50% Wagyu, crossbred with any other American cow. From only having a small percentage of Wagyu in their cattle's Bloodline to living their whole lives in a factory farm? This is not the Wagyu Way! 

At Mason Hill Cattle we do things differently. From our Farm to your Door. No factory operation here. Only FULLBLOOD 100% REAL WAGYU from sacred Japanese WAGYU line.

Mason Hill Cattle's Top-Tier Wagyu Quality and Marbling come from our demand to start with 100% Full-Blood Wagyu. Plus, we give our Wagyu the stress-free life they deserve. Mason Hill Cattle's Full-Blood Wagyu are cared for in the Wagyu Way. "Wagyu is to be Treated like Royalty" in a Stress-Free environment, with the Right Feeds, no steroids, no growth hormones. All of this goes into Mason Hill Cattle raising and providing the best Wagyu in America.