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Wagyu for Two this Valentines Day

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Image of Wagyu Beef Smoked Bacon
Wagyu Beef Smoked Bacon
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Image of Ground Wagyu Burger (1lb portion)
Ground Wagyu Burger (1lb portion)
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Image of Wagyu Ribeye Boneless Steak
Wagyu Ribeye Boneless Steak
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Image of Wagyu New York Strip Steak
Wagyu New York Strip Steak
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Image of Wagyu Filet Mignon
Wagyu Filet Mignon
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Image of Wagyu Chuck Eye Boneless Steak
Wagyu Chuck Eye Boneless Steak
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 Full Blood Wagyu takes extra time, love & care. Real Wagyu is never a factory farm operation. Never mass produced. The Wagyu Traditions & steps we follow, all help Masonhillcattle produce some of the best beef on the planet and the best Wagyu Beef in the USA.

 At Masonhillcattle we slow-raise Only 100% Full Blood Wagyu from the highly revered Tajima Bloodline



Wagyu Steaks

Valentine's Wagyu for Two

With Tajima Wagyu Steaks. Whether it's a Ribeye, New York, or Filet Mignon. Nothing compares to a real 100% full-blood Tajima Wagyu steak. Treat your special someone to the best steaks ever! Tajima Wagyu Steaks!


Our Favorite Roast Recipes

Prime rib with a Wagyu Chuck Roast. Yes, a Chuckeye cooked like prime rib. The Wagyu makes all the difference. Or how about a Wagyu Beef Wellington, or a Chimichurri recipe (photo pictured)? Check out these and more recipes.