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We need your help choosing our Wagyu Champion (Newsletter 1.14.2022)

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We have some very talented people cooking up some excellence with our very own Wagyu Beef! You will be the ones crowning our champion later this month! See our special ingredient below.
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 Our Secret Ingredient... Wagyu Ground Beef.

Are you ready for the secret ingredient reveal? It’s so simple but has so much potential! It’s a crowd favorite no matter how you prepare it! It’s Ground Wagyu Beef! That’s right, ground beef, but make it top of the line full blood Oregon raised Wagyu. Our contestants are currently cooking like mad making creative dishes for YOU to judge! Starting this weekend we will be posting these tasty submissions and you will begin casting your votes for your favorite!
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Wagyu are to be treated like Kings. The way we raise our Wagyu makes all the difference. There are imitation Wagyu products that say Wagyu but are not full blood & do not follow how Wagyu is to be fed, and raised.  Make sure to get real Wagyu from MHC. 

Our Wagyu are treated like kings.

To get a perfect quality Wagyu beef, MHC treats our Wagyu like real kings. First, the ranch is located far from any crowds to create a stress-free environment for the cows. To ensure their happiness and stress-free life makes for better-tasting beef. 

There are imitation Wagyu products

There are plenty who apply the term Wagyu Beef to their product even though it's not 100% the real thing. MHC only offers real Wagyu Beef. From the right food & feeding program to the right way in treating our Wagyu. MHC is not a factory farm putting out as much meat as we can. That is not the Wagyu way. We take pride in being our Wagyu, raised in Oregon, keepers on their journey. We treat them like Kings for such a noble life. Our Food. We honor them and treat them as they should be. This makes a difference in the taste and quality. 

The question we get asked the most is What's the difference between box store & real Wagyu? Well for starters a box store can call their beef wagyu with only a small percentage of actual Wagyu in the bloodline. Plus, factory farms/ranches do not have the time to go the extra mile to make sure the process and strict regiment is followed.

In our opinion, a factory box store ranch can never be real Wagyu fully. Legally with a small percentage of Wagyu in the bloodline, they can call it Wagyu. but not being full-blooded wagyu, and the fact they can not give the cattle the attention, love, and calm environment they need for the maximum stress-free life makes for less marbled beef and poorer quality in the end. Try for yourself. See the difference love, respect, stress-free, and full-blooded Wagyu makes