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Real Full-Blood Wagyu Beef is always in limited supply. No factory farms allowed!

Real Full-Blood Wagyu Beef is always in limited supply.  
No factory farms allowed!

Real Wagyu Beef is not beef mass-produced in a factory farm. The Wagyu way and tradition is to raise Wagyu slowly. In a calm, stress-free environment, with a special feed & care that gives Wagyu Beef its legendary marbling and taste, known all over the world.

At Masonhill Cattle, we process only a very small number of Wagyu each month. It truly is an especially rare high-quality product. Always fresh and in a limited supply.  Just like a craft beer, our Wagyu is slow-raised on our small Oregon farm. We do not use factory farm mass-Production techniques. 

Our 100% Full-Blood Wagyu are raised in a process that takes twice as long as a regular cow. We follow strict Wagyu traditions. The treatment and love that goes into our 100% Full-Blood Wagyu all help MHC offer The Best Wagyu Beef on the Planet.

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