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New Thanksgiving Tradition. WAGYU (11.19.21 Herd Only Newsletter / Offers)

 11.19.21 Herd Newsletter

Your New Thanksgiving Family Tradition. WAGYU

Serve your family the most amazing Beef they've ever had. WAGYU.
Serve your family Wagyu, before, after, or for your Thanksgiving dinner. 
Maybe serve Hot Wagyu Soup or how about Wednesday night  Wagyu Meatloaf, or Friday Night Wagyu Steaks, or how about Saturday afternoon Wagyu Burgers. Maybe you want an A5 WAGYU Roast for Thanksgiving this year? The possibilities are endless and All So Wagyu delicious! 

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This weeks Herd Only Special.
FREE 1LB WAGYU BURGER for every $100.00 Purchased.
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